Welcome to the Inagaki laboratory (Laboratory of Epigenetics and Metabolism) at Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation (IMCR), Gunma University in Japan.  We seek to understand the molecular mechanisms which will provide novel approaches for the treatment of lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes mellitus.  Transcription factors and epigenetic factors are the two main focuses of our study.  These factors regulate gene expression in response to chronic changes of environmental conditions as well as acute stimuli from outside of the body.  We try to elucidate how lifestyle affects future development of metabolic diseases through epigenetic memory of environmental changes.


Lab Members

Takeshi INAGAKI Professor inagaki[at]gunma-u.ac.jp
Tetsuro KOMATSU Associate Professor  
Tomohiro SUZUKI Assistant Professor   
Hiroshi SHIBATA Joint Research Fellow  
Kyoko TANIMURA Joint Research Fellow  
Shinnosuke MASUDA Graduate Student  
Md Selim AHAMED MEXT Scholar  
Hai YU Joint Research Fellow  
Mayuko HAYASHI Researcher  
Akiko TANIOKA Assistant Technical Staff  
Hiromi SAKURAI Assistant to the Professor  
Mayumi ODAGIRI Assistant to the Professor  


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Mailing address

Laboratory of Epigenetics and Metabolism
Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation
Gunma University
3-39-15 Showa-machi
Maebashi, Gunma, 371-8512

Phone +81-27-220-8838

Phone +81-27-220-8839
FAX +81-27-220-8893

Phone +81-27-220-8880
Email: inagaki[at]gunma-u.ac.jp



By train from Tokyo – 90 minutes to Maebashi via Takasaki
From TOKYO Sta. to TAKASAKI Sta., take a SHINKANSEN bullet train (either Joetsu or Hokuriku SHINKANSEN) for 60 minutes.
From TAKASAKI Sta. to MAEBASHI Sta., take a local train (RYOMO Line) for 15 minutes.  From MAEBASHI sta. to our SHOWA campus, take a taxi for 10 min.


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